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The Zodiac is a band of stars that surround us on all sides. A circle is considered to be made of 360 degrees, so also we refer to the zodiac in terms of 360 degrees as a large circle in space around our solar system. The Zodiac is comprised of 12 major divions of stars, which are the constellations you"ve heard the names of so often: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
Signs are 12 in number, and therefore each occupies 30 degrees of the circle around us, and 12 times 30 equals 360 degrees total. The planets are rotating around the Sun in different orbits and at different speeds. Hence, they are always moving. At the time of a birth, they are in certain signs as viewed from the Earth, and those are the signs we draw them in within the chart for that person.

Each of the 12 constellations has a few special clusters of stars. There are 27 such special clusters stars the Nakshatras more or less equally placed The Moon just so happens to move through these 27 stars at the rate of roughly one per day, making the roughly 27 day lunar orbit. In the same way that each planet is in a sign as viewed from the Earth, similarly each planet is "backed up" by a Nakshatra that rules the zone of space the planet is currently moving through.
Since they are 27 in number comprising the entire 360 degree Zodiac, the stars rule 13 degrees, and 20 minutes each, which when multiplied totals 360 degrees again.The Nakshatras, or 27 stars, are like signs their domain of influence t fall within their 13 deg. 20 min angles.

Nirayana and Sayana systems are mainly two systems of ancient astrology .They are known as (Western or Tropical Astrology(Sayana)and (Vedic or Sidereal astrology(Nirayana). Western Astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac,whereas Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac.

These two systems used the same sign names, but the difference lies in the fact that, due to the Earths gradually increasing tilt on it"s axis(precession of equinox), the Equinox no longer coincide with the starting points on the usual signs' Westerners who judge the starting point of the Zodiac by the Sun"s Spring Equinox, namely the Western Astrologers, no longer judge planetary positions by the background of the stars, but rather by the Sun"s relative relationship with the Earth. Western Zodiac and the Sidereal or Eastern Zodiac are in disagreement at the current time by about 24 degrees. When westerners say a planet is in Aries, we usually say it is in Pisces, and so on, because 24 degrees is almost one whole sign difference. Program gives options to view western star positions also.

But they are not used in predictions. Both type of positions have some validity, because reading planetary patterns by itself is common. The Western Zodiac has more to do with the natural phenomena of our immediate world, like the seasons, whereas the Siderial Zodiac has more to do with the greater picture of the Universe remaining constant over centuries independent of earth's own precession. But a problem arises here. Accurate planetary positions are calculated at present by sayana positions of planets.All vedic astrology predictions were formulated at a time when elliptic and and celestial equator coincided. The exact year of this coincidence is left as a matter of dispute.Most Indian astrologers are using Lahiri's Ayanamsa .But Ayanamsa,s differing about one degree from Lahiri value are also commonly used.

This makes the time of start of a Dasa by about one year(since the Moon,s position differs by one degree). Apart from the Decimal Number system and Vedic Mathematics and astounding discovery of ancient Indians is the the discovery that the period precession of equinoxs is 25758 nirayana years!!. The greatest of Science Book ever written SURYASIDHANDHA (ranslated by Rev.E.Burgess to English ) gives Vedic planatory Analysis of ancients.


The Vedic Astrological system doesn"t use the three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The planets we do use, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn ,Rahu and Ketu . Planets seem to slow down, stand still, then proceed backwards, then again stop, turn around and go forwards again. This is retrograde motion of planets.

The Lagna

If you watch the Eastern Horizon, and if you could see the Zodiac behind that Horizon, you would find that the constellations, or Signs of the Zodiac are rising there at the rate of one sign roughly ever two hours. These big huge 30 degree (1/12th) sections of the circle of space that surrounds us at all times are rising one after the other all day long.The reason the Sun rises and sets each day is because the Earth is turning. So, as the Sun rises, Signs of the Zodiac, alsorises because of the turning of the Earth. At any given moment, if you look East, the Sign rising is the "Rising Sign" or "Ascendant" or "Lagna". These all mean the same thing. And just like with the planets, it is the exact degrees-minutes-and seconds that we are interested in with the Lagna.The Lagna is very important. It is the body and overall life. Afflictions to the Lagna are significant. It is the starting point of the chart. The Lagna is the first house, and sets up the chart. The Lagna is based on the place you were born, as well as the time. The significance of the rising sign is that it determines the overall nature of one"s body. The lagna has most to do with the body, then the overall life in general. So, if a lagna is a materially good sign, and the lagna or first house is affected by materially helpful planets, then the overall life will be smoother and the person will be healthy and good looking. The opposite influences will produce the opposite results.


There are twelve houses in a chart. The chart is also called the "Kundali Chakra". The twelve houses govern all the various parts of our lives. The houses are domains in space. When you stand anywhere on the earth, at that moment you are surrounded by space all the way around you. Space even surrounds theearth which is below your feet. You are standing on a ball floating in space so space surrounds you and your earth ball on all sides. If you look directly East and point your hand at the Eastern horizon where the Sun rises, you are pointing in the direction of what is known as the first house.
The first house governs the 30 degree span of space where the Eastern horizon is. Directly across from it, or on the Western horizon is the 7th house. From the first to the 7th are the 2nd through 6th houses.Directly over your head is the 10th house. That is, straight up into space where the high noon Sun beams down on us is the 10th house.
Straight below your feet covering the span of space on the other side of the earth from you, is the 4th house. So the first house governs the Eastern horizon, the 2nd house is just below the Eastern horizon, the 3rd house is deeply below the Eastern horizon, the 4th house is directly underneath you, the 5th house is underneath you and behind a little bit. The 6th house is underneath you and behind you quite a bit. The 7th house is behind you covering the Western or Sunset horizon. The 8th house is just over your shoulder when you turn your head around and look behind you. The 9th house is above the top back part of your head, the 10th house is straight over your head, the 11th house is what you see when you look upwards but not straight up. The 12th house is just slightly above the eastern horizon and this brings us back around to the first house which governs the eastern horizon.

In this way, the entire 360 degree circular span of space surrounding you and your earth are divided into 12 equal 30 degree sections, each of which has a number from 1 -12 and is known as a house. Studying the parts of life that these houses govern is a large part of astrology.
For example, the 10th house, i.e., the span of space directly over head, governs power, position and our career to a large degree. Any planets in this span of space at the time of our birth greatly affect our career, power and status in life. As you study astrology, you will find this to be unfailingly true and eventually you will become so familiar with the effects of planets that effect this house that you will be able to tell much about the success and failure of any one's career who's chart you glance upon.
In conclusion, the 12 houses are always present. At every moment the 12 houses are present surrounding you and your earth.

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