Every one knows the Sun is the cause of life on earth and moon is most important in the life-cycle of animal world. Even ants and bees have scientific planning in their own ways, plants respond to diurnal variations. Opinions differ only on the amount of influence other planets have on earth .We can only say that their present distances and influences are only conducive to survival of vegetation and hence life on earth.

Do the destiny of individual, his or her character, actions, success and failures, or the ultimate end itself depends on far away planets like, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter? Astrology says the human life cycle has an imprint of celestial positions.

    NIRAYANA Positions     

The planets are rotating around the Sun in different orbits and at different speeds. The plane of Earth's motion around Sun is known as Ecliptic which coincide with Earth's equator only on two days in an year when day-time and night-time are equal. The ecliptical plane appeared to coincide with Celestial equator on some date in 3rd century A.D. to the observers of earth after which it appeared changing about 51 seconds on every year. This is because we are observers on earth and the earth is moving through 51seconds along with Moon about the ecliptic.(remember also earth is not a perfect sphere) .The biggest enigma is how the ancients calculated the time period of one such top-like motion of earth is 25758 years!. In 2000 A.D. Earth has turned through about 24 degrees!. This is ayanamsa. .Difference of opinions prevails among astronomers about the time when celestial equator and Ecliptic coincided. If astrological influence is because extra-terrestrial reasons Nirayana positions of planets eliminate the error due precession of Equinoxes and makes make reading truly sidereal .


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