VENUS- 27dg SUN -10dg MOON -3dg RAHU
MARS-28dg *
* * SATURN-20dg MERCURY-15dg

Exaltation is another effect which makes a planet very auspicious .Exaltation signs and angles of planets are marked in figure.If a planet is in 7th Sign (opposite)to exalted sign it is delibitated and weak and hence inauspicious. Only neechbhanga can resolve this delibity which is listed among Yogas.If the Lord of debilitation sign is Kendra (angles)from Moon or Lagna debilitation is treated as cancelled.

Planetary causes(karaka) .
Sun Male Soul Self Power Esteem Ambition Gold
Moon Female Emotions Mind Health Purity Mental Balance Mother
Mars Male Energy Drive Agility Agression Accidents Engineering
Mercury Neutral Intellect Speech Relating Communications Diplomacy reasoning
Jupiter Male Fortune Law God Wealth Status Expansiveness
Venus Female Desires Pleasures artistry beauty additions Sex
Saturn Neutral Obstacles seriousness truthfulness Sorrows longevity Common man
Rahu Female Karma disturbances eccentricities foreign things Psychic&skin intellect Poison
Ketu Neutral Death spirituality detachments outcastes Salvation Ups andDowns,shortness

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