Vedic astrology distances of Signs from Lagna(ascendant) and also from Moon assumes equal importance.Lagna is the 1st house.Benefic planets in Kendra(1,4,7,10)houses are good. Malefic planets on 3,6,11 are also considered giving good reasults.11Th house is good for all planets. Planet who owns 6th,8th,and 12th houses or remaining in those houses are broadly mentioned as structurally malefics. But presence of a planet in any house will make that house powerful.
In Sayana system 1-5-9 houses are considered good for all planets.Now a days this view prevails.

Some Astrology text books mention ownership of angular houses by benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus will bring bad effects in their dasa-periods


The HousesSanskrit Meaning Karakas Main Rulerships Type Body Part
1 Tanu Body Sun Body, Overall Results, Health,Childhood, Self, HeadTrineAngleHead, bodyin general
2 Dhana Wealth Jupiter Family, Wealth, Speech, Food, Maraka Face, mouth
3 Sahaja Siblings Mars Courage, Discomforts, Loss of Property, Loss of Parents, DiplomasUpachaya Breasts, ears,arms
4 Sukha HappinessMoon,MercHappiness, Home, Heart, Mother,Large Property Posessions, HeritageAngle Heart, chest
5 Suta ChildrenJupiter Intelligence, Creativity, Children,Entertainment, Deity, FortuneTrineTrinkonaBelly, womb
6 Ripu Enemy SaturnMarsDebts, Diseases, Enemies, Service,loss of relationshipsDushtana(Difficult)Lower abdomen
7 Jaya Spouse Venus Spouse, Partners, Contracts,Significant others in all mattersAngle,MarakaLap area
8 Mrityu Death Saturn Death, Disasters, Sex, Loss of Fortunes, Myseteries, MysticismDushtana(Difficult)Genitals,anus
9 Dharma Religion Sun,JupiterReligion, God, Guru, Fortune,Father, Law, Faith, Protection,humilityTrine,TrinkonaThighs, hips
10 Karma WorkJup/Sun,Merc/SatCareer, Prestige, Rise, Success,Government, Material SuccessAngle Knees, back
11 Labha Gain Jupiter Gains, Desires, Friends, Older,Siblings, SelfishnessUpachaya Legs
12 Vyaya Loss Saturn Donations, Liberation, Losses, OldAge, Private Pleasures, TemplesDushtana(Difficult)Feet

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