JUPITER(Pisces) MARS(Aries) VENUS(Taurus) MERCURY(Gemini)
SATURN(Capricon) SUN(Leo)
JUPITER(Sagitarius) MARS(Scorpio) VENUS(Libra) MERCURY(Virgo)
n Nirayana system of astrology there are 12 signs(Rasi) each of 30 degrees .Every rasi is divided into 9 navamsas .Another important division of 360 degrees is into 27 Nakshatras and every nakshatra is into 4 padas. Nakshatra centered thinking dominate when one analyse transits of planets or periods of vimsotari-dasa system . One nakshatra pada is same as one navamsa. Ancients read planetory positions only accurate to that extent since no clocks used at that time.It has to be mentioned that effects of planets are discussed based on these divisions only in this program. .


Sun owns Leo sign and Moon the Cancer. [Moon does extremely well in Taurus and hence Tuarus is it's Moolatrikona sign (best)].Every other planet owns two signs, each situated symmetrically away from start of Leo sign in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.Out of two signs one sign is more auspicious and is known as moolatrikona position. Signs owned by a planet are colored identically .

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