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Time units in Vedas even suited for creation BigBang!

Vedas ,"Surya Sidhanta" ,and Works of great men like Aryabhata,and Bhaskara .
treat time units ranging from nanoseconds to trillions of years!.
UNITTime in Solar YearsTime in Angular rotation of Vernal Equinox
Kali Yuga8586120dg=120x60x60=432000secs
Dwapar Yuga8586x2240dg
Treta Yuga8586x3360dg
Maha Yuga8586x(1+2+3+4)=85860Y1200dg
Day of Brahma2Kalpa173,093,760years
BigBhang period 15,000,000,000Years173.316KALPA

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